David Sencil

Hong Kong’s SFC Issues Warning on Floki’s ‘Highly Risky’ Staking Programs

A Hong Kong watchdog, the SFC, has cautioned investors about the enticing yet potentially risky ‘Floki Staking Program’ and ‘Tokenfi Staking Program,’ which offer high annualized returns without the required regulatory green light. SFC Warns Against Unregulated Floki and Tokenfi Crypto Staking Programs The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued a public […]

Bank of England, HM Treasury Respond to Digital Pound Consultation Amid Strong Public Interest

Amidst public interest, the Bank of England and HM Treasury have addressed key concerns regarding the digital pound, reassuring the public of stringent legislative measures for privacy and control, alongside the maintenance of traditional cash. HM Treasury and Bank of England Respond to Public’s Digital Currency Concerns, No Final Decision yet on Digital Pound The […]

Trezor Issues Urgent Alert on New Phishing Scam

Trezor has confirmed a series of deceptive phishing emails targeting its users, coming just days after a security breach at their support portal. The company has issued an urgent security alert, advising users to be extra cautious. Trezor Alerts Users to Phishing Danger Amidst Ongoing Security Challenges Hardware wallet provider Trezor has issued an urgent […]

Craig Wright Offers Settlement in Disputed Bitcoin Creator Case

Craig Wright, who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, has presented a non-negotiable settlement, potentially ending the contentious legal battle over the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous founder.
Bitcoin’s Alleged Creator Proposes Settlement Amidst Forged Document Allegations
Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, has made a public, non-negotiable settlement offer […]

Uptick in Token Generation Events Signals Market Shift

The behavior of the cryptocurrency market has changed, with a newfound interest in Token Generation Events (TGEs) and rapid listings, pointing to a potentially revitalized crypto market and an influx of new projects. Crypto Market Shifts Gears With Surge in Token Generation Events In a development in the token launch sector of the cryptocurrency market, […]